Welcome to Organicplast

We are one of the largest manufacturer of Compostable Plastic in northern India and the Exclusive manufacturer of Nano Silver based Antimicrobial Plastic Film across the World and having two manufacturing plant in state of Uttarakhand and New Delhi.

Our products are designed for various end-use applications servicing to a larger consumer across various sectors. We are dedicated in developing high quality Compostable & Antimicrobial Plastics products.

Our main aimed to provide Ecofriendly & Economical products to its patron. Our R&D team has phenomenal depth of experience and strongly believe that we must live up to the expectations of our customers and provide them with superior quality and advanced packaging products, comparable with international standards.

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Some Salient features:

  • Taiwan technology : Provide uniform strength, optimized layout for rheological and thermodynamic, thus imparting excellent thickness distribution with broad range of operating parameters.
  • Vertical Oscillating Haul-off : Provide excellent uniformity, film / sheet free from bubbles, scratching, wrinkle, fish-eye, arrow lines, film rupture. It reduce bow and increase flatness by machine direction stretching, especially thin film resulting into better productivity in post extrusion processes.
  • In-Line Corona treater : Provides excellent printing and laminating quality, it creates high adhesion ability and a fresh clean surface that is receptive to ink, glue and lacquering.
  • In-line slitter : Cutter & Sealer.
  • Auto feeder with dryer : Perfect for dosing and blending ultra-low doses of high concentrated additives.
  • PLC : Machinery is fully computerize to provide excellent quality and uniformity, which offered with direct couple motors, fluid temperature controller for grooved feed section.


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