antibacterial plastic film


We offers a broad range of Conventional and Compostable plastic films & sheets

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antibecterial plastic films

About Us / Technology

We provides world’s best plastics which adheres to all International and Indian standards of testing for Conventional & Compostable plastics.

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antimicrobial plastic

Exclusive Antimicrobial/ Antibacterial Film/ Sheet & Masterbatch

Our exclusive product is capable to act as an antimicrobial/ antibacterial for more than 650 Micro-organism/ germs causing diseases.

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Our Vision

To empower communities, organizations, and product manufacturers to reach their sustainability goals.

Together we will create a sustainable world.

Specification for Film / Sheet

  • Thickness: 20 micron – 300 micron / Customize
  • Size: 50 mm – 1350 mm / Customize
  • Conventional Material: LLD-PE / LD-PE / HD-PE
  • Ecofriendly & Biodegradable Material:  Cornstarch based material
  • Exclusive Product: Antimicrobial Plastic Films/sheets (Conventional and Biodegradable)
  • Production Capacity: 180 Ton

Specification for Antimicrobial Masterbatch

Nano Silver based Antimicrobial Masterbatch :

  • (HD) High Density granules for Blown Molding
  • (PET) Pet granules for Blown Molding
  • (PS) Polystyrene granules for Injection Molding
  • (PC) Polycarbonate granules for Injection Molding
  • (PP) Polypropylene granules for Injection Molding
  • (PP) Polypropylene granules for Non-woven
  • (EVA) EVA granules for Sheet
  • (PVC) Polyvinylchloride granules for Pipe & Injection Molding
  • (PBAT) PBAT / PLA granules for Compostable plastic film